User Friendly


  • RS485, WiFi, meter, and APP available allows to monitor, analyze and  control iStoragE
  • All-in-one design and wall mount structure design easy for installation
  • Ultra silent design, noise < 25dB
  • Accept remote energy dispatching
  • Time-of-use Shifting, schedule time and power consumption

Value for Investment


  • Maximum efficiency up to 97.7%
  • Super wide MPPT range:100Vdc – 550Vdc
  • High Voltage Battery for higher system efficiency for less loss
  • Settable modes for different application scenarios
  • Maximize PV power self-consumption, lower your bills

Convenient and Intelligent


  • Smart EMS for all operating modes
  • Intelligent BMS
  • Seamless transfer makes power outage un-realizable
  • Integrated modular battery, easy expansion
  • Manage energy anytime anywhere
  • Cloud compatible control
  • Load Shifting (Peak Shaving)

High Reliability


  • IP65 level of protection, for Outdoor and Indoor use
  • Cutting edge design and technology
  • High quality components maximize service life
  • Full Alarm and protection design
  • Uninterupted power supply
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