Why We need UPS with Isolation Transformer?

  • Best protection for equipment life by limiting the harmonics, eliminates ground loops and other electrical disturbances
  • Perfect Voltage Conversions safeguarding against extremely high or low mains voltage
  • Ensure 100% safety to the end-use equipment from electric shock, over or under voltages, and other power issues
  • Reduce fault current supply to loads that can cause an electrical hazard and damage components
  • Easy maintenance of UPS prevents risks of electrical shocks during the testing or service of the UPS
  • Conformance to international standards and specications for equipment safety


Innovative Upgrade


  • Dual DSP control technology, make the dataprocessing faster and more precise, improve the reliability
  • High output PF=0.9 meet with high requirements of applications
  • ECO-mode (98% Eciency) gives possibility of signicant cost reduction and heat emission
  • Bus synchronization control function providesreliable high power for the dual bus application
  • Advanced no-master-slave parallel technology achieves online power expansion and prevent single fault 

Intelligent Management


  • Multiple communication interface supports UPS and load intelligent monitoring
  • Intelligent RS232/RS485 & DB9 dry contactcommunicaton port, MODBUS & SNMP adapter (optional)
  • Intelligent fan control according the load capacityreduces the noise and prolongs fan service life
  • Intelligent battery monitor system - MMBM (optional)
  • Advanced battery charging management
  • Battery self-test function

Reliable Design


  • The output isolation transformer provides high reliatbility to adapt dierent harsh industrial environments and protects the critial loads.
  • 100% 3-phase unbalance load adapt to different kinds of complex applications
  • Dual airducts design oer good cooling to protect the key components and extend the service life
  • Dual power supply redundancy
  • Wide input voltage range provides high adaptability to the grid and extend the battery service life
  • Main PCB board with professional electromagnetic shielding improve reliable porformance of EMC

User Friendly


  • HMI - Friendly operation
  • ON/OFF - Double Button design
  • EPO (Emergency Power OFF)
  • 10,000 history records reduces fault analysis and maintenance time
  • Power components in module design - morecompact structure and easy for maintenance
  • Hot-swappable fans design achieves on-line maintenance
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