Optimal Power Generation


  • Wide input range, flexible solar panel configuration
  • MPPT technology, remarkably improve PV generation efficiency
  • MPPT tracking precision ≥99%

High Reliability


  • Full DSP digital control technology
  • Optional integrated controller + inverter solution
  • Perfect protection function, includes 
  • Overload, Output Over Current, 
  • Battery Over and Under Voltage, 
  • PV Ground Fault, TVS Lightning 
  • Protection, Reverse Polarity, 
  • PV Anti Current Backflow
  • Positive shared control logic, external temperature sensor optional, battery temperature compensation control

Excellent Performance


  • Smart Battery Management System to realize safe and fast charging function, avoid over charging & discharging, longer battery life time
  • Wide working temperature range, -30 ~ +55°C
  • Low power dissipation, zero night time dissipation
  • PV generation measurement, record daily, monthly, and annual generation and generating time
  • Record for PV generation within 20 years
  • Record daily load consumption, battery charging & discharging times, battery voltage changes

User Friendly


  • Rack mount installation, high flexibility and easy maintenance
  • Online hot swap, easy maintenance
  • LCD screen with PV generation and system status logs
  • RS485/RS232 communication, easy monitoring
  • Full dry contact communication function, with generator start control, battery low alarm, primary load control, secondary load control, etc.
  • Optional touch screen monitor for user-friendly management
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