Execution Standard Quality Management System Environmental Management System (EMS) OHSMS CE Certificate



ISO9001:2008 ISO14001:2004 GB/T28001-2001





  • High Durability against severe environment
  • Higher Temperature Resitance than normal solar GEL battery
  • Advance Plate and Grid design, enhance the corrosion resistance. Increasing the cycle life of the battery
  • Using Modified GEL Electrolyte and Charge Acceptance to improve high temperature battery performance
  • TESTED and PASS the test requirement for high temperature battery (at 45°C and 60°C)
  • Super over charge and deep discharge capacity
  • Valve Regulated sealed structure, the safe and explosion-proof vent system solved battery seal maintenance free
  • The unique lead paste formula improve the high and low temperature performance
  • Unique sealed insulated output devices, solve the short circuit and wet corrosion of battery, also solve the corrosion problem underwater short term use, greatly reduce the battery maintenance frequency
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