Efficient and Flexible


  • Wide MPPT range 420~850V
  • MPPT e­ciency up to 99.8%
  • Three phase output isolation transformer support 100% unbalanced load
  • Hot-swap MPPT modules, flexible configuration and expansion
  • Front access, easy for installation and maintenance.
  • Integrated design, less initial investment and footprint, lower maintenance cost

Excellent Performance


  • PV controller + AC charger + inverter, 
  • 3 in 1 integrated system
  • Intelligent EMS achieves smart energy control among Solar, Battery, Grid and Gen-Set
  • Multi- MPPT tracking function, up to 3 strings, fulfill various application conditions.
  • Comprehensive centralized monitoring on MPPT module / utility / inverter parameters

Smart Management


  • RS485 Modbus communication, easy monitoring
  • Intelligent BMS enable longer battery lifespan
  • User-friendly-touch screen provides extensive monitor and control
  • 8+6 dry contact communication signal

High Reliability


  • Full alarm and protection design
  • Advanced no-master-slave parallel technology (optional)
  • Unique air tunnel design, increase cooling efficiency and operation lifetime
  • High quality components maximize service life
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