Save Investment


  • Advanced three-level topology, maximum conversion eciency 99%
  • Modular design, saving operation and maintenance cost
  • High power density in 0.6m2, reducing system land cost
  • Turnkey products, easy to install and debug on site (container)

Simple Installation and Quick Maintenance Service


  • No special device require for commissioning
  • Availability of Spare Parts in domestic sole agent
  • Trustworthy Application Partner
  • Sole Agent to responsible the installation and maintenance system

Advance Reliable Technology


  • 45°C 1.1 times the long-term overload, 50°C full load operation
  • Intelligent fault recording function, quick failure analysis
  • Intelligent online upgrade function, easy system upgrade and maintenance management
  • Adapt to high altitude, high temperature, extreme cold and other complex environment
  • Support AC side parallel at transformer primary side

Complete Protection Function


  • Over temperature, Cooling Fan failure, Power regulation in the event of thermal overloading, Short circuit, Lightning, Earth fault, Surge voltage induced at output due to external source 
  • PID repair function to ensure power generation
  • Intelligent fan speed control and fault detection, improve system reliability
  • Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) function
  • Integrated protection in the DC and three phase system
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