Optimal Power Generation


  • Wide MPPT Voltage Range 100~550 V
  • 2 String Independent MPPT, for complex roof installation
  • Maximum efficiency up to 98.3% allowing optimal power delivery
  • MPPT efficiency up to 99.9%

Value for Investment


  • Advanced control technology, strong adaptability to the power grid
  • Active power adjustable continuously (0~100%)
  • Transformerless, High Efficiency Design
  • Aluminum alloy diecasting integrated chassis

User Friendly


  • Intelligent cloud platform monitoring, realizing one-key APP real-time monitoring
  • Support RS485, GPRS, WiFi and other communication methods
  • Full Digital Control Technology
  • Small and light for easy installation
  • Built-in smart control for green life

High Reliability


  • IP65 level of protection, for Outdoor and Indoor use
  • Super wide operating temperature range, -40 ~ +60°C, being the industry’s rst cold-resistant inverter
  • Natural cooling, ensuring low environmental noise
  • Full alarm and protection design
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