Save Investment

  • Trustworthy Application Partner
  • Sole Agent to responsible the installation and maintenance system
  • High output efficiency up to 98.5%
  • Smooth renewable power
  • Supply backup power during electricity outage
  • Four periods of time (peak, flat, valley and sharp) price setting, flexible calculation of user profitability

Advance Reliable Technology


  • With bidirectional converter to charge or discharge batteries
  • Optional modes for charging, including constant current charging, equalized charging and floating charging
  • Unlimited number of parallel units(AC couple system)
  • Meeting the smart grid design specification and allowing power grid dispaching
  • Advanced islanding detection technology
  • Reactive power compensation and other functions
  • Low voltage ride through(LVRT) function
  • Can be integrated with other source of power both AC and DC (diesel, grid, wind, etc)
  • Charging and discharging time setting for 12 segments, better for customer’s on-site applications
  • On/Off switching time : general conditions <200ms; zero transition can achieved under specific condition (external connection of SCR)
Completed Protection

  • Low battery, overload, over temperature, short circuit, output low/over voltage, reverse polarity these keep the machine away from the wrong operation, and ensure it works reliably in any conditions.
  • Intelligent fan speed control, increase cooling efficiency and operation lifetime
  • Completely isolation of batteries from the power grid
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