Efficient and intelligent


  • The brand-new tri-level technology with maximum eficiency >99%
  • Long-term operations with 110% overload
  • The advanced neutral-point balancing and controlling technology effectively reduces ripple voltage and improves the life span of thin film capacitors
  • Equipped with fault wave record / remote online upgrading functions
Flexible and simple

  • Convenient modular design makes the installation easier, and reduces the transportation, maintenance and repair costs
  • Supporting multiple AC units to operate in parallel with 
  • Flexible configuration of system solutions
  • The independent fan module design enables quick installation and maintenance
  • IP65 ingress protection and C5 anti-corrosion fit a variety of severe environments
Systematic integration

  • The high compatibility and integration with the battery system enable one-stop turnkey solutions
  • The integration of highly reliable and consistent powersupplies the BMS system and UPS unit, ensures the stable operation of the battery system
  • With the built-in DC snubber circuit, there is no need to configure another independent circuit for the battery cluster. The battery system connection is easy, simple, safe and reliable with the plug-and-play feature
Power-grid friendly

  • Equipped with LVRT (low voltage ride through) and 
  • HVRT (high voltage ride through) functions, and strong grid adaptability
  • PF (power factor) controlling, and reactive power compensation functions


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